Random Hockey Player

Category: JavaScript, SCSS, Postman

Last updated: 28 December, 2018


The random hockey player generator was created to coincide with an ice hockey viewing party. I wanted to create a drinking game, where across multiple games several people could have particular players selected.

If that player was to score or assist, the person would take a sip of their drink but it can be used for any other reason you might want to randomly choose a hockey player.

The site uses the latest version of players as per the NHL database, so it will always be up to date. I used Postman extensively for setting up the data from the NHL API, which is an awesome tool that I couldn't live without, especially for undocumented API's like the NHL has.


  • Vanilla JS
  • Fetch API with chained promises
  • NHL Rest API
  • Players are not duplicated
  • Message notifying when player has picked all players on team