Working with the NHL API

Last updated: 7 November, 2018


The NHL API is a great resource for those wanting to work with hockey stats, though it doesn't have any official documentation, fortunately there has been some great work done to document it.


The best documentation can be found at, which has now been moved to

All initial queries will need, which uses a GET request. There are a vast number of different endpoints, which you can find in the documentation above. Filtering is also available, such as draftedByTeamId=ID.

Projects built with the API

I built a couple of projects with the API so far, with pulling live information, such as standings, scores and highlights. I also created Random Hockey Player Generator for those wanting to pick a player from a team at random, which can be useful as a drinking game.

If you have a great idea for something that you would like built on the NHL API get in contact, as I am mildy hockey obsessed.